5.1.1. chkci


chkci - sync XML package definitions with the Client Installer database


Usage: chkci [options]
 -nm    do not send an e-mail on adding or updating packages or profiles
 -v     increase verbosity
 -h     show this help


chkci will synchronize the XML package definitions located in /usr/share/iserv/ci/import with the Client Installer database.

  • Packages that exist as an XML file but do not exist in the database will be imported into the database.
  • Packages with vendor "IServ" or "Jens Geile" that do not exist as XML files (anymore) but still exist in the database will be removed from the database.
  • Packages that exist both as an XML file and in the database will be re-imported if the revision in the XML file is higher than the revision in the database. If an XML package has a version > 1 (do not confuse version and revision) it will be re-imported every time chkci is run.

Whenever chkci has changed something, it will send a mail to the group Admins. It is run automatically every night by a cron job.


-nm - Do not send a mail when something was changed. This is especially useful if you are debugging a package on a remote production server and you don't want the admins to receive a mail for every change you are testing.

-v - Increase verbosity. This will print a line for every package that remains unchanged and for every package that has been modified.

-h - Print a short help text.


/usb/sbin/chkci - The script itself.

/usr/share/iserv/ci/import - Contains the XML definitions that are synchronized with the database.



Synchronize the database; send a mail to the admins when something is changed.

chkci -nm

Synchronize the database and do not send a mail.